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Large 15" Animal Kits

Only $14.95 Each!

Cats / Dogs
Farm Animals
Mystical Creatures
Sea Creatures

Build A Plush Stuffed Animal

We offer an adorable selection of Teddy Bears for you to choose from! Please call us if you don't see the type of Bear that you are looking for. We might be able to find it for you.

Black Bear
Black Bear - 15"
Brown Bear w/Tie
Brown Bear with Bow Tie-15"
Creamy Polka
Creamy Polka - 15"
Honey Bear
Honey Bear- 15"
Pinky Bear
Pinky Bear - 15"
Red Love
Red Love Bear- 15"
Panda Bear
Panda - 15"
Tye Dye
Tye Dye Bear -15"
Patchwork Bear
Patchwork Bear- 15"