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Popcorn Machines

 Nothing beats the smell of fresh popcorn in the air. Let our professional quality popcorn machine bring smiles to your next party or event. This popcorn machine is very easy to use. Just add the contents of the pre-portioned packs to the kettle and you are on your way to a great tasting popcorn. This popcorn machine rental comes with popcorn packets, scoop and popcorn bags; enough for 30 servings. Our popcorn machines are equipped with interior lighting for an attractive display of America's favorite snack, and the heated deck keeps popcorn warm after it is popped.

Extra Supply

Need more than 50 servings? Additional popcorn supplies available -
$15.00 per 30 servings

Popcorn Machine Rentals
  Dutchess County, NY

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price includes 50 servings